Deleau town site is situated along Highway #2. The Area around the present site of Deleau was originally surveyed in May of 1881.

The Deleau School District was organized in April 1893. Racially divided, the Belgium and French Roman Catholics settled and built a school; on the other side of town the Europeans settled, building their own school.  The racial Gap was closed in 1919, when the two schools consolidated. In 1919, it became the Deleau Consolidated School District when it was consolidated with Menteith Union School No. 313 and Maffan School No. 727. The district was dissolved in 1966 and henceforth students from this area went to Hartney Consolidated School No. 2389 or Souris Consolidated School No. 2388.

There are still descendants of the original settlers farming in the area today. They tell tales passed down from generations of hard times, good times and rum running to the states during Prohibition.

Today in Deleau all shops and factories have long closed, leaving a few houses. But what they lack in houses they make up in Community Pride.  Deleau Centennial Park has just recently updated their washrooms. The community maintains this park and it will be used for many years to come with their Baseball Tournaments and Picnics.