The original settlement was at Flat Creek, just east of the current site. In the fall of 1881 work crews on the transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway stopped construction for the winter; the following spring they moved the camp west and built a siding and a station.  The LUD site was named after the lake located six miles southwest.

Oak Lake is situated along the Trans Canada highway, located in the middle of the Canadian Prairies. It is a picturesque community with the Assiniboine River and high, rolling hills left from glacier deposits to the north; surrounded by flat land for farming; Oak Lake and Plum Lakes Marsh southwest.

Community pride is exhibited by its residents and others who support and live near the community.  It boasts of several amenities; such as a volunteer Fire Department, ambulance, elementary school, grocery store, post office, restaurant and other specialized shops.  In winter the hub of the community is the curling rink, skating rink and annual Winter Festival. Summer time activities include attending the Oak Lake Agricultural Fair with a fireworks display and parade (annually since 1886), playing 9 holes on the Oak Lake Golf Course and camping at the Lion’s Campground. Many recreational opportunities are available such as active minor hockey, adult hockey, skating club, adult and junior curling, minor baseball, a bike park, garden park and many classes such as yoga, drum and tone, and circuit training, to keep you active.

Boasting flourishing school and an active daycare, Oak Lake is a great place to raise a family!