Cherry Point Resort and Interpretive Trails Park

Cherry Point Resort

Cherry Point Resort is a residential area for all to enjoy on the north shore of Oak Lake. The desire was always to maintain and enhance the lake so that all age groups might enjoy its amenities not only today but also tomorrow. To all we say, “Admire and Respect Oak Lake, the Jewel of the Prairies”.

Cherry Point Park & Interpretive Trails

Cherry Point is a peninsula on the north shore of Oak Lake named for the chokecherries that can still be found on the wooded shoreline. Today its is a quiet green space alongside a cottage development.  A number of interpretive signs have been placed throughout the park and three benches allowing visitors the opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery. Also two picnic tables and garbage and recycling bins are located on site. There are no washroom facilities.

From 1000 – 2000 years ago the location was a seasonal camp and bison kill site for hunter-gatherers known as the McKean People. Archaeological research on this site from 1973 to 1975 indicate that the Mckean Culture used Cherry Point as a seasonal bison kill and butchering site beginning over 2000 years ago.