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Rural Civic Addressing

RM of Sifton – Rural Civic Addressing Program

What it’s for:

The signs appearing at the end of rural driveways in the RM of Sifton this summer are the new numbering for dwellings and other structures. These numbers are assigned in accordance with the Provincial guidelines for addressing and are tied to the new road naming scheme.

How it works:

A rural Civic Address comprises a Number and a Road name like 136117 ROAD 36N, just the same as in any city or town such as 123 Main Street.

The numbering for structures is based on:

  1. The “block” of the road segment: (the first number segment of civic address “136”)
    1. Between Road 136W and Road 137W is Block 136
  2. The “distance” that the driveway is located along that road: (the second segment “117”)
    1. 1170 meters to the west of 136W on Road 36N
  3. The “side of the road” that driveway is on: (second segment is ODD or EVEN “117”)
    1. EVEN # = driveway is on the south or west side of the road
    2. ODD # = driveway is on north or east side of the road

So, a Civic Address of 136117 ROAD 36N means your driveway is 1170 meters to the west of Road 136W on the north side of Road 36N (117 is odd).

Other Examples

  1. 39152 ROAD 140W = Driveway is 1520 meters north of 39N, on west side of 140W
  2. 138034 ROAD 39N = Driveway is 340 meters west of 138W, on south side of 39N
  3. 139127 ROAD 40N = Driveway is 1270 meters to west of 139W, on north side of 40N

What you need to know:

In the case of an emergency, dial 911 and give the operator your civic and road number (located on the blue sign at the end of the lane) and municipality or community you are located in. Ex) 136117 Road 36N, Sifton.

Please ensure all members of your family know your full address. We recommend posting “your” address in your home near the phone for quick reference. A fridge magnet will be supplied for all Civic Address resident signs for your convenience.

For more information regarding the Civic Addressing Program and Guidelines, please call the Municipal Office at 204-855-2423.